We were delighted when Elliott and Rhiannon asked us to be their wedding photographers. We had the privilege of capturing Elliott and Rhiannon's engagement session at Halibut Point State Park back in November. On that beautiful warm autumn day, we could have never imagined what just a few months would bring. Elliott and Rhi had been planning their wedding for March 14, 2020 (pie day), and yes, they were going to be serving pie. However in the week leading up to the wedding day, life as we knew it had dramatically changed. The couple knew it was only a matter of time before larger gatherings like a wedding would be off limits. So in just a few hours, they were able to make arrangements to move their wedding ceremony up a few days and postpone the reception to a future date for the safety of their guests. But even through all the last minute changes, Elliott and Rhiannon still had the biggest smiles on their faces on that beautiful Thursday evening. The ceremony was officiated by a close family friend who related the story of this lovely couple along with some scriptural thoughts. It was an evening filled with love and laughter with such dear friends and family. The couple and their wedding party plan to get all dressed up in their wedding attire again for Part 2 of the fun, which will be scheduled at a later date at Theresa's Prime in North Reading. We look forward to celebrating again with this beautiful couple when it is safe to do so.