My name is Jennifer Combrinck and I work alongside my talented husband Heath. 

I started shooting weddings in 2009, the same year I graduated from nursing school. An interesting skill set I know, however photography has always been a passion of mine and has provided the creative outlet I so enjoy. And hey, it doesn't hurt that your wedding photographer is also a registered nurse, just saying.

In my travels to South Africa in 2013, I met my husband Heath. Ever since, he has been my trusted second shooter/lighting specialist/tech guru/equipment carrier/smile-maker...how did I survive before him? And yes, he does have a really cool accent too.

When we are not shooting weddings, we enjoy sipping cappuccinos, exploring new places, and setting up our camera's 10 second self timer in time to run back into the shot together (example pictured above).

We love what we do and who we get to work alongside. We believe that makes a big difference in the quality of service we are able to offer our clients. 

And now we would love to hear from you....send us a message and let's begin telling your story.